You can support KENDAT in her work through her various departments and help her achieve her mission of unlocking the potentials of farming communities by empowering the smallholder farmer.

There are various needs under each project and your support will not only propel us to higher results but to make meaningful impact in the livelihood of farmers and donkey owners in various regions.

Animal welfare – Heshimu Punda Programme – The Heshimu Punda Programme

  • You can partner with us in addressing various ALC (Acceptable levels of change) issues. These are challenges facing donkeys at regional levels. From our annual assessment, we are able to define issues at various places and your support will enable us tackle them at each level.
  • You can partner with us as we conduct several campaigns aimed at improving the welfare of donkeys or at changing husbandry practices. These campaigns are based on identified malpractices.
  • You can go through our database for some of the donkeys that need support and you could partner with us, as we support the donkey to recovery.

KENDAT – KFIE Project – The KENDAT Hub – Total solutions

  • You can support in equiping the hub, this could be through inkind support of machinery that will aid farmers, or monetary support.

FACASI – Providing Mechanisation



Improved agriculture. Sustained livelihoods. Access to information, means and markets. A greener and more productive country. 

Your donation will go a long way in bettering the lives of thousands of farmers.