KENDAT Hub KENDAT’s main objective of assisting farmers in its designated areas of operation, beginning with Laikipia and Meru counties, is to set up Mechanization Agribusiness Hubs (dubbed farmers’ supermarkets) to enable farmers gain access to different equipment, inputs and information on various farm requirements at various levels but especially small-and medium-scaleholders.

The hub, set up at Mwireri shopping centreKalalu in Laikipia County has an office, a store, machinery shed, a service bay and an open equipment display yard. Acting as a “super market” or one-stop shop, the hub is intended to bring different agricultural and related products marketers under one roof. This way the farmer will be able to do all his/her shopping with ease without having to move long distances looking for essential agricultural/market/information services. These services includes, among others:

  • Access to information on agriculture/market/new products e.t.c.
  • Soil testing facility such as a mobile laboratory
  • Agricultural machinery (for hire/lease at reasonable terms) – tractors (2-4WT, direct planters/seeders, sprayers, combine harvesters, grass/forage handling equipment, crop driers etc.
  • Recommended/certified farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals etc.

Making of the interlocking blocks

Making of the interlocking blocks

Interlocking blocks for construction

Interlocking blocks for construction

Interlocking blocks made by Hydraform machine - Copy

Ready blocks

The hub is supported by Kenya Feed the Future Innovative Engine (KFIE) programme, a programme funded by USAID to identify, foster and bring to scale innovative market-driven solutions to persistent food insecurity. Construction of the hub started in May 2015 and is now considered complete. It will be launched in March 2016.

Available equipment

Some of the equipment available at the hub includes:-

  • Two-wheel tractors
  • 2WT two-row double disk furrow opener Brazilian planters
  • 2WT  single-row tine furrow opener Brazilian planter
  • 2WT two-row tine opener planter, Africa made planter
  • 2WT single-row tine furrow opener, US made planter
  • 2WT multi-row tine furrow opener planter
  • 2WT multi-row strip till planter
  • 2WT two-row tine furrow opener planter
  • 2WT single-row automatic potato planter

  • 2WT single-row semi-automatic potato planter
  • 4WT single-row potato digger
  • 2WT boom sprayer
  • Knapsack sprayer
  • 2WT mini weeder
  • MUST maize/sheller cum thresher & trailer
  • 2WT trailer
  • Interlocking brick making machine