KENDAT has 18 full-time workers including Agricultural Engineers, Agriculturalists, an Environmentalist, Veterinarians, Community Development and Community Animal Health Workers. These are supported by Communication, Admin and Finance staff. Work is backed by numerous specialized professionals including farmer leaders, local and international Agricultural Enterprise and Rural Development Consultants, Radio and TV Concept Designers, school teachers and others.

KENDAT prefers to see the numerous collaborating farmer and other rural business and organizational leaders as part of KENDAT leadership. KENDAT has a current annual donor project support budget of about Ksh 50million (About USD 520,000).

KENDAT generates core funding from budgeted project overhead allocations, farmer and other partner training, applied research projects and consultancy assignments, many of which are in training and extension services. KENDAT owns a 4WD Toyota Truck while various projects hire or own vehicles. The Animal Welfare Department Heshimu Punda Programme owns 5 vehicles; 4 pick-up trucks, 3 of which are custom-made into mobile clinics.

KENDAT offices have all the requirements for modern comfortable work space. We have ICT backed information and documentation centres, IT backed information, data bases and security facilities as expected of a modern and carefully resourced beneficiary – development and advancement organization.