KENDAT was established & registered in 1992 as Kenya Network for Draft Animal Technology, a membership company limited by guarantee. She was re-registered with the wider Agribusiness Development mandate in 2005 with the Office of the President under NGO Reg No: OP.218/051/2005/072/3554. KENDAT is a member of the NGO Council of Kenya and her Registered office is Plot No. LR 209-8486 Old Racecourse Estate. Phase III, Nairobi. Kenya. All KENDAT operations meet Kenya Government Regulatory and Statutory Requirements.

KENDAT Purpose:
To model innovative, efficient and resilient smallholder agribusiness systems for an evergreen Africa.

KENDAT Vision:
Kenyan rural and peri-urban communities where smallholder farming communities sustainably live in food-secure, productive and competitive agri-business systems.

KENDAT Mission:
We empower smallholder farmers to sustainably improve their livelihoods through innovative access to information, technology, means and markets.

KENDAT Slogan:
Unlocking Potentials of Farming Communities.



As an institution, we have a Vision and Mission that directs us on our core business, target beneficiaries and scope of work. However we relate with one another and congregate our energies to serve, guided by a set of core values:

  • We work with Commitment, Creativity and Innovativeness living our purpose, to serve communities for Emancipation and Growth.
  • We greatly value Hard Work and Persistence, promoting and supporting Ethical standards and best practices in all our operations.
  • We uphold the principles of Team work, Networking, Partnerships and Open-Mindedness to build synergy and congruence of minds, never abandoning a colleague in need.
  • We work in a Time-Conscious environment guided by agreed plans and supported by Candid communication in an Open Learning environment.
  • We work to build long term Relationships with those that we serve, working as members of one Family, Respectful of one another’s background, experience and knowledge.
  • We work on a Fragile Planet needing special attention to environmental, water and energy Conservation, human and animal Welfare.
  • We strive to be a Quality, Integrity and Credible institution in all the activities and operations, Accountable to all our stakeholders and donors.